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Monday, April 28, 2008

after the rain...

Dearest Essa,

Years has passed, since you left and join the angels of God... And for me, a lot of things has changed - the way I look on the perspective of life. I'm having hard time looking at the path you have onced trailed. Sometimes I found myself in in the realm of happiness but my awareness becomes instantly visited by sorrow and sadness whenever I found myself remembering you... I can see you everywhere and almost anywhere... for you resembles all the good things that God has given to this wonderful world. From the very simple smile of other children I can see your face... Still I cannot forget the last time you bid farewell... hours before that fateful tragedy...
It seems that life so unfair... there are those who are worthy to die in that kind of accident, on that very moment If I could only trade my life just to save you, I would do so. Sometimes many IF's bursts into my mind, If only we never had a practice on that day you would still be alive today. If I did not choose you as my contestant, you still have your wonderful life today... How I wish I know it will happen...
Everytime your classmates enters my room, I always look at your chair... It maybe empty now, but a lot of memories from you still fills my room... my mind... I will never hear your wonderful voice again singing that famous chorus " Tuloy Pa Rin "... Tomorrow is just another day to remember you... You have taught me a great lesson, and as a teacher I will value that forever...
Maybe soon I will leave and quit teaching... but I am very blessed that once there was a pupil like you whom I met, I have witnessed how you grow... how you battled shyness and gain a lot of confidence in your self and studies... three years is already a remarkable moments in sharing your life to me...
You died as a cham
pion, you are my champion and I will value your effort... not even a tragic defeat nor problem will shake me now... for I know you will be at my back, whispering "Go on sir eumeirx... Life is beautiful..." And I know... I do belive... And I can feel that you will be my guardian angel now....
As I leave this room I know I will see you, I will be with you again... for your memories can be seen at the radiance of the morning sunlight... your simple touch resembled by the cold
wind coming from the trees... your hopes and aspirations, you have drawn them in the sky... and I will always see it... you are everyhere...

I will miss you...
-sir eumeirx

December 25, 2008
9:30 am

Dearest Essa,

This was my second Christmas morning to visit your grave... My gift for you - a white rose, for us DeMolays it is the symbol of love and respect for the departed love ones... and the three white candles, of which each for me they represents the words "God" "Bless" "You".
So this is Christmas morning... but silence is the only h
ymn that utters in every corners of this cemetery... Far away from the from the joy and merry making that happens outside of this place... I came here to see you again... and bid farewell as well.. for I already decided to find my luck in foreign land... maybe next year at this very same day, I will never be standing here again near you - but as I promise, I will always light three candles during Christmas day for you, wherever and whatever place would I be on that day... I'm very happy that again, I have fulfilled my second promise to you - your fellow contestants have earned victory during the division and regional contests... Your event is still unclaimed by other school for two years now in the division level :) thanks to your substitute and classmate, Maricar whom in many ways I saw your resemblance from her... the way she move, act, talk, smile and even follow my instructions... you live in her, i can always feel you whenever I'm with her...
This february i will now be contesting again in the national level... this was our dream... we dreamt of this from the very beginning of our contests campaigns... how I wish you w
ill hold that mighty pen of yours once again and write the victory of our team... I miss you... And we will always share our triumphs and success with you...

' till then...
-sir eumeirx

in loving memory of
June 26, 1996 - December 2, 2007

April 9, 2009
11:30 pm

The Last Days of An Angel II
" The Promise "

Suddenly a voice uttering a painful agony has awakened my weary conscience… for a moment I even thought that I was in the midst of a dream. Exactly twenty minutes after twelve midnight as I take a glimpse on my eight years old wristwatch. On my left I saw Jessen moaning and crying from the pain caused by her two legs – immediately I becam e worried to the situation and almost blame myself for it was only an hour later that we slept after taking dosage of hours of training and contemplating on a series of news writing sample problems.

I became more bothered on the situation, worrying that the contest is only fourteen hours away and has left me with bubble of questions thinking that maybe our participation with the contest is already far from reality. All these things has bursts into my mind – su ddenly it made me decide to comfort Jessen. Applying a pain killer ointment can be the best solution and definitely it would not be me to perform. And so with the inspiration from the Almighty I ask help from our roommate, Ma’am Eda, a coach from our rival school who gladly shared her concern and do the massage on Jessen’s feet which eventually made her sound asleep again – and a relief to me. Looking at Jessen, the situation is like a radiance of hope touching my face, making me utter some prayers and emulation to the Great Creator as the two of us prepares to face the ultimate test of our contest career.

Others would say that luck can sometimes be the battery of a winning moment. But when we look at the other side of life where everyday struggle happens, still a great preparation and perseverance can be the greatest surprise behind those floating clouds of hope and challenges. And it is really a great advantage if you have an inspiration which will be your guide in achieving your goal – AN INSPIRATION THREE YEARS IN THE MAKING BY THE THREE SOULS WHO HAVE MADE A SOLID PLEDGE DURING THE 2006 DIVISION PRESS CONFERENCE.

I can still recall that blessed day in Perpetual Help High School where I saw Jessen and Essa sitting on a cute fancy bench, exchanging stories and swaying their feet as their innocence magnifies their dreams and aspirations. A wonderful sight that has tempted me to join the two angels in a conversation. “ Next year kayo na ang contestants, makaya kaya natin sa nation al? I asked them, the two instantly replied with a smile and uttered “ Kakayanin po sir!... “ A pledge that has become our strength in our journey to find success to the presscon contests. On that day, Essa has given me a black gorilla keychain as a souvenir – which until now I considered one of my most memorable and priceless possession.

Three years later, Jessen Joy’s hardwork and patience that has stretched for several agonizing months of rigid training has finally paid off - making her worthy to prove that indeed somewhere over the rainbow dreams do really come true.
Our story as a team was one of my most unforgettable experience. After arriving at our designated quarters in Pe├▒afrancia Resort, every tick of the clock has become a reminder why we are there and treated time like a gold. Thanks to that unpopular lobby of that hotel which became our final training venue before facing ground zero. The kind hotel attendant who always welcomes us with enthusiasm and smile whom I always gladly called “Lola” has made us feel even more at ease while staying at the resort.

As always training hour s is alway s covered with silence and deep concentration. But for the two of us, a not so ordinary and unusual experience in the resort’s lobby has become the most treasured and meaningful event on our training sessions. While we burn our concentration in the realm of silence, a strange creature catches our attention and made us recall the most important person why we are very much inspire d to win the contest…

Proud to be the coach...
Out of nowhere a cute white butterfly has instantly tempted our attention. The strange creature gracefully circles around Jessen’s head and eventually landed on her hair… staying there for a couple of minutes. After leaving its blessings the creature flies towards my direction also circling around my head, landing on my right shoulder and finally on my Journalism book, making me and Jessen stare at each other in silence.

As Jessen breaks the silence with a smile, the butterfly finally trails the direction out of the window. Leaving a memory of gentle flopping of its white wings which seems to be a waving hand of farewell. “ Siya yun… “ I uttered while clearing my throat. “ Si Essa yun Jess… “ And Jessen instantly agreed with a smile. I know and I do believe that butterfly has a reminder for us…” Dumapo yun sa ating dalawa kasi binubulungan tayo na may magandang mangyayari sa atin dito sa contest…” As the two of us takes a glimpse again on the window where the strange creature fades away leaving no traces. “ Balik na tayo sa quarters Jes, ilang oras na lang magprepare ka na contest na…” As I attempt to persuade myself from becoming sentimental again. As we made our way out of the lobby, strangely I felt a great relief…” I lost that feeling of fear and pessimism on what will be our fate after the contest. And God knows there is one line I uttered in my mind before leaving the lobby, “ Handa na akong hamunin ang aking mundo… pagkat tuloy pa rin ang awit ng buhay ko “… the line from the song “ Tuloy Pa Rin … “ once uttered by one great pupil that is part of that sacred pledge why we have reached this far of our presscon crusade, the reason why Jessen and I exerted too much effort. Her loss has become an inspiration to continue her dream.

And finally the harvest of our perseverance came… on my years of being a coach, the presscon awarding ceremony has become the most unforgettable and killer experience. During the ceremony as a coach, you have to learn how to swallow your tonque, stop your breathing until all the line-up winners of your category has been proclaimed. You have to learn how to control your heartbeat, and gain a remarkable power to have a great focus on the announcer despite the noise from the madding crowd.

But that afternoon was different, as the emcee shouted our category, for the first time I learned how to make myself relaxed and at ease. Announcing the seven winners, there came the third place but still I felt relaxed and finds no pressure on my awareness. I can still remember Jessen asking an apology in pessimism that she might never grab any slot from the seven spots. But I told her to just to cool down and hold her ground, for I know and believed that the sun’s promising radiance is soon to bursts right before our eyes. For years and months I have witnessed how she gives justice to every news writing problems I obliged her to accomplished – which is the battery to my confidence.

The 2009 NSPC News Writing (English) National Champion :)
The second place winner was then announced, relaxed but I decided to nod my head and wait for the announcement of the first place winner. My eyes were staring at the ground while recalling those years and months of preparations just to be in this kind of situation.

And finally the first place and the national champion is set to be announced, I take a deep breath once again and advanced towards Jessen’s direction. “ First Place!!! Iriga City Division, Region Five!!! As the announcer shouted over the air, giving me the assurance that Jessen, indeed is the best English news writer in the 2009 National Schools Press Conference. I heard her name being mentioned, and I heard my name being mentioned also as her humble coach, I weep in tears… and I saw the light, and I remembered the angel that has brought us in this momentous situation – the angel that has become our guiding light in making it to the front page.

Three years ago, our story started in a simple conversation on how we are going to trail the path of our success. We made a pledge… A PROMISE TO WIN. As we take the journey we challenge our patience and struggled to maintain our perseverance. For every defeat we became more inspired to pursue and continue what we have started. Along the way we lost one good teammate, but her dreams and optimism for success has become our inspiration to continue our crusade in reaching that goal we have onced planned.

Essa’s mighty pen fell on the ground upon her joining the angels of the great Creator, as I weep in tears and picked her pen again, I know I have made a good decision of throwing it back to the ground again. For I know and realized that it was Jessen who have found it and picked it up again to wrote this unpopular story of our success.

This is our story, the journalism book, the black gorilla keychain, the sleepless nights, the hope for success, the Saturday and Sunday afternoon reports, the omega pain killer, the awarding ceremony tensions and the white butterfly.

This is our story…

Essa's Look Alike

During the opening parade of the 2010 National Schools Press Conference at Tagum City, Davao del Norte, a cute and jolly young girl has instantly caught my attention -  a member and majorette of a DLC who happens to escort the region on the city streets of  Tagum.
Essa's look alike 4th girl from the right...
I thought she was really Essa joining the parade, same smile and energy... every year in every NSPC campaigns that I have... I am always bound to see unexpected surprises that will always reminds me of her...

Thank you for being an inspiration to us essa in Davao... and to my former USANT pupils thank you for my last national triumph as an Anthonian teacher...

Best in Technical Application
7th Place – Region V

Best in Radio Broadcasting
7th Place – Region V
Best Infomercial
7th Place – Coleen  Ysabel E. Elgar & Leah A. Wright, Region V

Best News Presenter
3rd Place – Princess L. Viluan, Region V

Best Anchor
3rd Place – Caryl Faith L. Cortez, Region V